Adapter B-4

blade in V-shape mini, stainless steel, for cutting out elastic sealants even in the deeper (rear) joint area.

Adapter B-5

blade straight shape, razor-sharp, stainless steel, for cutting out elastic sealants from joints or smooth surfaces.

Adapter-Set-2 consisting of:

B-4 in V-shape mini, B-5 in a straight shape and razor-sharp, adapters ready-to-use, in a practical storage box.

Adapter set-2 is a special accessory and only fitting for the GROUTING KNIFE TWIN-TOOL PowerCut


  • With cutting adapter B-4 and its stainless steel blade in V-shape mini, you works similarly as with adapter B-2.2, made of fiberglass reinforced special plastic (FRP). Since the stainless steel blade is very narrow and dips into the joint with little resistance, old sealants can be brought out with little effort. Thanks to the very small cutting head, the sealant can even be moved out of deeper regions of the joint background with the B-4 blade.
  • Because of the enormous time savings, the adapter B-4 with the stainless steel blade in V-shape mini is often used by professional users. For easy and gentle cutting out of old, defective or moldy sealants, such as acrylic, MS-polymer, PU or silicone from joints or smooth surfaces.
  • The cutting adapter B-5 is factory-fitted with a razor-sharp stainless steel blade in a straight shape. This is similar to working with the cutting adapter B-3 made of fiberglass reinforced special plastic (FRP).


BEFORE BEGINNING actual CUTTING WORKS, you should test at a suitable place before if the surface is really sufficiently stable and insensitive. Only if the surface does not tend to scratch, the adapters with metal blades may be used for actual cutting works!