In the area of “Business-to-Business”, we offer serious resellers the option of personalizing our tool series according to CD / CI specifications for the successful marketing of our popular special tools under your own brand, in the color and design of your choice, with your own logo, inlays, labels and more…

Experience shows that when processing elastic sealants, for most professional users it is very important not only to achieve technically correct but also geometrically and visually perfect joint shapes. With our silicone applicators or spatula sets, such a project usually succeeds without any problems. Thanks to enormous time savings, professional users in particular benefit from real, monetary advantages.

Also for reasons of customer protection, we ask for your understanding that the information about the PERSONALIZATION of our tools can only be released internally after checking the specific request. If you are interested, please request your PASSWORD for the protected area „B-t-B“ by email. This area is only available in English and German language. Thank you!


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